About Interwest

Serving Eastern Washington, Western Idaho, and Northeast Oregon

Interwest Technology Systems, Inc. was established in 1997 and in the early years, focused on the network cabling infrastructure and telephone interconnect markets. From the Interconnect stage, Interwest has expanded its services to encompass integral Limited Energy systems necessary for today’s facilities to operate efficiently. With services offered throughout the Inland Northwest, Interwest has established a reputation as the company of choice for a variety of systems, infrastructure, and project applications. In 2005, Interwest moved from its founding location to our new office/warehouse facility in Richland, Washington.

Our company provides high quality installations of IT infrastructure and Limited Energy systems coupled with effective project management and timely, within-budget project completion.

Our philosophy is to provide high quality-long term systems and service to our customers, whether their requirements are minimal or extensive.

As systems and networks are an integral part of any facilities’ operation, the supporting Information Technology infrastructure and systems equipment and software used must be reliable over the long run.

With Communication and Limited Energy systems requiring more integration, higher data rates, and bandwidth for network/system integration, we promote and maintain both advanced products, installation, and methods that support, analyze, document, and perform to the latest technological improvements.

During the past 21 years we have actively performed system installations and service via fixed price, cost plus, and time and material contracts for a variety of clients. Our capabilities include design, consultation, engineering, and turn-key installation and integration for entire projects or for problem areas prior to and during the installation phases. After the initial installation we maintain a 24-hour service department should additional or emergency support be required.

Our Team

We have a great team that cares and possesses a tremendous work ethic, strong technical abilities, and simply great people to work with! We strive to create and constantly improve a team environment with a collaborative approach. We believe our employees deserve a work environment that provides opportunity for growth, ownership and autonomy of processes and projects, and trusting relationships.

Our entire team grows and learns technically through continued training, system cross-training, and work and responsibilities that are both challenging and rewarding. Our objective is to be the company of choice for technical employees in the fields we serve.

Leadership Team

Joe King


Where are you from? Camp Hill, PA

How long have you been with the company? 25 Years

Why are you passionate about ITSI and the industry? As far as Interwest goes, it’s the people I get to work with, the customers we have, and the relationships with both, they are the foundation of our business!
Industry-wise, I’m passionate about each project’s journey, the technology, the challenge, the quality of installation, and especially seeing systems at work and what those systems provide to the people that use them. I’ve been lucky to be a part of various projects and systems that provide some fantastic processes or functions. Without the electrical component whether it’s a high voltage, low voltage, or signal – buildings or operations just don’t function. It’s part of the world we take for granted, but more importantly, it’s a part of so many things that just don’t work until those systems are “brought to life”.

Education: Bachelor of Science in Biology/Chemistry

Experience: Electrician, Project Manager, General Manager

Hobbies:  Skiing, golfing, fishing, hunting, & hiking.  I also enjoy aviation.

Tell us about a memorable experience from your time in the industry: 10 years ago we were involved in a large campus building project. Our scope of work, as normal, would take place in the last half to third of the project and we were monitoring the construction schedules prior to our start date. As the project started and progressed it became apparent that the progress and the scheduling would constrict the time we would have to complete our portion of the scope. Thankfully we had a dynamic contract team to work with, and we were able to convey our concerns, re-sequence the preceding work to our scope, and complete the project on schedule.
It was one of the most enjoyable projects we’ve worked on as the entire construction group worked together as a team to understand the process and make adjustments for a successful project. There was a tremendous amount of positive energy generated due to the collaboration and team effort in delivering a quality product on time to the client!

Tim Hingle

Project Manager, RCDD

Where are you from: Oakland, CA

How long have you been with the company: 13 years

Why are you passionate about ITSI and the industry? Quality and professionalism are the core values that Interwest Technology Systems provides to our new and current customer base. This commitment has been the driving force behind my 9 years as a Project Manager with the company. I have been in the telecommunications industry, since 1973, and have experienced and witnessed the changes in how we implement and utilize voice, data, and video in our day-to-day lives. In my role as an RCDD / Project Manager, I appreciate that our company helps to promote and incorporate those core values into our newest generation of technicians and installers.

Education: AA Degree Architecture, BICSI RCDD Certification, CISCO CCSE, BICSI 350 Tech

Experience: 46 Years in the Telecommunications Industry, Key & PBX systems, Nurse Call Systems, Microwave and Wireless, Audio Systems, and all cabling infrastructure.

Hobbies: Gardening, golf, camping, and fishing

Tell us about a memorable experience from your time in the industry: I was blessed to have a mentor who was Alexander Graham Bell’s right-hand man, Philip Moore. When I first got into the telecommunications industry in the early 70’s, I was assigned to work with “Phil,” an 80-year-old retired ex-AT&T lineman. Phil took me under his wing and taught me how to install old PBX and key telephone systems before the digital era and how to use test equipment. Basically, he helped set the stage for my education and love of this industry. From those life lessons that I learned, I have been paying it forward just like my mentor did for me.

Steve Nichols

Systems Division Manager

Where are you from: Richland, WA

How long have you been with the company: 13 years

Why are you passionate about ITSI and the industry:  The design and integration of low voltage systems, combined with keeping in front of constantly changing technology is what drives my industry passion while the pursuit and challenge of tracking down new projects, the estimating process, and competition energize each day. The best part is seeing the accomplishment of our team bringing the design and systems online and the satisfaction of providing well-designed systems and installations to the client.

Education:  High school graduate, USAF electronics/avionics technician certification courses, Fire alarm, security, intercom, nurse call and card access manufacturer certification, and design courses.

Experience: 4 years – USAF Avionics Technician, 6 years – Rockwell GPS Satellite Technician, 28 years – Low Voltage Systems Sales and Management

Hobbies:  Golfing, Bowling, Camping, Design and Build Custom Homes, and Restore Classic Cars

Tell us about a memorable experience from your time in the industry:  In 2008, we took on the endeavor to start a new low-voltage division for the company. While this was always part of the business plan, the company until that time was focused on the Communications industry. It gave me great satisfaction to drive the effort in creating the new division. While the idea was very exciting, the reality was that the first few years were very challenging. Now, we’re one of the best firms in the area with many of our projects and services owing to repeat business with clients, and our team’s performance and working relationships.
We have a great team and our technicians are the best in the industry in providing highly functional and aesthetic systems. They consistently maintain manufacturer’s certifications, licensing, and technical trends necessary to stay in front of the systems we install. We are constantly improving and continue to focus on growth, quality, and service, with new services ahead!

Pam Wright

Office Manager

Where are you from: Kennewick, WA

How long have you been with the company: 17 yrs

Why are you passionate about ITSI and the industry:  I enjoy working with various customers and providing excellent customer service. Our industry moves quickly and each day is never really the same from day to day. Our company has a lot of integrity from the top down, enabling us to work with customers fairly and honestly.

Education: 2 years of college

Experience: My husband and I ran our own business for 15 years.

Hobbies: Playing Softball, Dust Devil Baseball, and Jigsaw Puzzles.

What’s your favorite part about working in the industry:  I have found that I can make a customer’s day by truly listening and being approachable. They’ve called us because they have a problem with a system or technology and require service, that’s what we’re here for and care about. Usually, we’re able to provide a solution, sometimes it requires a bit of research, and we always follow up. Our goal is to provide the customer with our best each day.

Phil Morton

Project Manager, PMP, CET

Where are you from: Pittsburgh, PA

How long have you been with the company: 2 Years

Why are you passionate about ITSI and the industry?: On several occasions now, I’ve gotten to experience the pride of knowing that a system I had a hand in making operational contributed to improving someone’s life in some way. One particularly keen example of this was a fire alarm I was involved in the installation of years ago. Sometime later, a fire broke out in the middle of the night, and everyone evacuated safely. Upon investigation, the fire department credited that alarm and its proper function with the fact everyone was able to escape unharmed. Experiences like that have come to underscore how I view what is in some regards a solemn responsibility inherent in the work we do in our industry, particularly as it pertains to life safety systems.

Education: General Ed AA, CJ Administration BS, Electrical Engineering BSE (in progress)

Experience: 20 years in the ICT industry, PMI Project Management Professional (PMP), NICET Fire, WA EL06 Electrician, WA AD01 Electrical Administrator

Hobbies: Volunteering with Columbia Basin Dive Rescue, camping, hiking, & road trips with my wife and dog, barbeque

Tell us about a memorable experience from your time in the industry: Early in my career, I found I had a particular giftedness as a service technician; troubleshooting fire alarms and audiovisual systems were my specialties. This rather unique skillset helped open some unlikely doors in the event production world as an audio systems engineer. For several years, I made a living in a niche of the ICT industry mixing music for stadium-sized concerts, working upscale political and charity events, top-tier stage performances, nationally televised sporting events, and major functions of our government. I’ve since retired from that arena to focus on family and other aspects of the industry, but those memories and experiences are ones I’ll always be grateful for.

Kevin Newell

Operations Manager

Where are you from? Grandview, WA

How long have you been with the company? 2 Years

Why are you passionate about ITSI and the industry? It’s all about the teamwork and providing a quality output to the customers. The entire team puts forth their very best each day. It is inspiring to see how a project comes together – from the initial bid to the final customer handoff.

Education: Bachelor of Arts – Criminal Justice

Experience: Naval Officer, Special Skills Officer – Central Intelligence Agency, and Management/Project Management positions.

Hobbies: Time with Family, Boating, Camping, and anything Aviation

Tell us about a memorable experience from your time in the industry: From the moment I came on board, my skill set while not from this industry has been welcomed. Getting to know each person, their strengths, and the required skill sets to make it happen – has made my time memorable. I look forward to our continued growth as a team.